Ping G400 Irons Review

Ping G400 Irons Review

There’s always room for improvement to guarantee quality play and high winning rates, and that’s what Ping is all about with its latest offering in the guise of Ping G400 irons.

The G400 irons offer a lot of potentials when it comes to forgiveness and feel. Considering the points that need to be improved from the previous model, the Ping G400 irons are ready to raise the standard of its G-series when it comes to speed and playability. With the need to meet the demands for a different shaft profile, the Ping G400 irons could be the next big thing with its aftermarket shafts with less upcharge.

Features Of Ping G400

Ping G400 Irons ReviewThe Ping G400 irons have features that make it one of the top choices when it comes to high performing golf clubs in different courses. Some of those features that guarantee great play are:

Cor-Eye Technology for added speed

Ping strongly believes that innovative design has a great impact on the speed of the ball and that’s what Ping G400 is all about. The Cor-Eye technology utilized in the latest G-series offering of Ping can generate a faster ball speed that helps in gaining distance and height whenever balls are shot on the green course.

Face-Flexing technology for high ball launching

The toprail undercut cavity found in G400 promises a high launch and fast speed of the ball when shot with these irons. The 3-piece cavity that is co-molded in the club helps in creating a powerful whack sound. With the face-flexing technology of the Ping G400, it enables you to customize the weight of your swing for that sweet hit.

Hydropearl chrome finish for improved launch and spin

The Ping G400 sports a premium finishing that decreases friction by 40%. With the decrease in friction, it aids in improving the launch and spin of the ball even on rough or wet course conditions.

Hyper 17-4 stainless steel for increased strength and clean look

If you’re looking for a powerful iron yet displays a cleaner and streamlined look, your sure bet is the Ping G400. Made from Hyper 17-4 stainless steel, the G400 not only exhibits a fine feature but also the strength that is 40% higher than its predecessors. And this is evident in its thinner face that allows more face-flexing.


Before you buy the Ping G400 irons, it is best to look at the irons based on the specs presented. In this way, you’ll be properly guided whether this iron suits your gameplay or not.

  • Sports Equipment Brand: Ping
  • Sports Equipment Type: Club (available in 4-iron ~8-iron)
  • Sports Equipment Model: G400
  • The material used: hyper 17-4 stainless steel
  • Level of Stiffness: Hard
  • Hand positioning: Left and Right
  • Set Composition: 4-PW~6-PW only
  • Shaft Model: Alta CB Graphite Shaft
  • Color” Black Dot only


  • Versatile Golf club. The G400 offers great playability to a wide range of skilled golf players and is recommended for golf beginners.
  • Forgiving iron. Among the many golf clubs in the market, the G400 is one of the most forgiving when it comes to players’ heel and toe. Thus, comfort is guaranteed while aiming for a good distance.
  • High launch and precise ball-distance. Compared to other irons of the same class, the Ping G400 assures players a good ball travel distance.
  • Easy integration and consistency on launch and spin. The Ping G400 has a Hydropearl chrome finish which decreases friction whether the golf iron is used on wet or rough courses.


  • Compared to other iron models, the Ping G400 is a bit expensive.
  • It requires great playable demands from absolute golf beginners.

Who should buy this product?

The Ping G400 iron is recommended to any skilled golf players who are looking for a forgiving iron that guarantees a sweet travel distance and wants a precise launch and controllable spin. It is good to bring on any course condition as this can be used on either wet or rough courses.


The Ping G400 is a promising iron on its category as it offers features that elevate the golfing skills of players in terms of manipulating a swing, launch, and spin for that predictable precise shot distance. Its physical features support players both on wet and rough courses which makes the G400 a very handy iron to bring whatever course conditions. It can be used by beginner golf players who want to practice their launch and spin, thanks to the Hydropearl chrome finish of the iron that is a rare and unique to find on irons available in the market.

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