Ping G Irons Review

Faster Ball Speed, Better Performance And Better Odds For Winning Are All Possible Thanks To Ping G Irons Review

All of you know that Ping is one of the largest and the most desirable companies in the realm of golf. Their GMax Irons are extremely popular, appealing and professional, thanks to COR-Eye but also reserved for professionals. What if you are an occasional golfer? Then you can get the same results with the Ping G irons. They also feature COR-Eye technology (among many others) and they are more than just needed. Below is complete and full Ping G irons review with all the basics you may need.

About Ping

Today, PING Company is a synonym for high-end, affordable and versatile golf equipment. The brand started the life back in 1959 by Karsten Solheim who was an engineer at General Electric. Occasionally he made putters and minor golfing equipment at his garage. All of them are these days known as PING, early models. In 1967 Karsten ended his cooperation with General Electric and became the full-time engineer at PING.

These days PING is one of the best-known and the most respectable golf manufacturers in the United States. The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona and run by John A. Solheim.

PING company started life with various experiments and new technologies that were never seen in the world of gold. The latest one will be mentioned in the next section in our Ping G irons review. Anyway, the company is still known for using the latest and new technologies and for developing many of the game-changing systems. It all comes back to heritage and back to the first models that were known as 69, ping and over 2000 putters the founder made at his garage.

Ping G irons: Features, systems, and technologies

Ping G Irons ReviewPing G irons review obviously must reveal why this model is so popular and so desirable at the moment. This is all possible thanks to the technologies they develop and use. Although there are over 15 and new ones are developed on a regular basis, 5 of them are extremely appealing and they make Ping G irons stand out from the crowd.

COR-Eye system

The main one has to be famous by now the COR-Eye system. This means that the center of the club is specially designed to increase the speed and the height of a ball. In return, golfers are able to meet higher course requirements and to tune their game accordingly. The COR-Eye system has a new structure as well. It is 32% thinner than the one we can see on G30 irons. This allows it to bend 4 times more and to provide higher ball velocity instantly. The iron is made from stainless steel, Hyper 17-4 more specifically. This process requires 6 hour long process of treating the metal and allow it to be thinner than average.

CTP Elevates

Then we can see the CTP Elevates. They are on the same side as the COR-Eye system and have an amazing effect. They will elevate the ball even higher and they will promote the accuracy of the shot. MOI will be increased as well. For newbies, CTP stands for Custom Tuning Port. Basically, this is a weight plate that has a positive effect on the center of gravity making it lower on the iron. As such, the hits are easier to perform and better results are noticeable.

Sound and feeling

Sound and feeling a golfer gets once the ball is hit it something else. The sound is complicated, detailed, appealing and honestly remarkable. There are no words we can use to explain it. The same benefits refer to the feel a golfer gets. One way or another golfers need and want the sound and feel when the ball is hit. This is especially important for those who are at the intermediate level and planning to go pro any time soon. Sound and feel can be measured only with professional irons and you will have to try them out in order to understand and see for yourself why we are impressed after testing.

Perimeter Heightening

Perimeter Heightening is a unique system developed by PING for most of their irons. This means that the weight is ‘’borrowed’’ from the center and allocated on the sides. What this does is make a hit more forgiving and boost your skills and your result. The irons are now able to meet higher expectations of the golfers and to provide a better hit every single time. It is easier for newbies but also more appealing for professionals. Perimeter Heightening is a mandatory factor to consider and can have a huge impact on the game and help you play longer and better.

PING AWT 2.0 Shaft technology

We must mention the PING AWT 2.0 Shaft technology. It means that each shaft is specifically developed to perfection and the right weight, based on countless hours of research is selected. What this translates to is the ability to get a more controlled hit and a better trajectory. The length of a club will determine the weight and make a massive difference.

Premium materials only

G irons are made from premium materials. We can see stainless steel, graphite and other, exotic metals. As some of you know, this is an essential factor to consider. In general, you can expect a long lifespan and advanced performances on various courses. This is the truth we tested the irons in the various scenarios and there were no damages or even tiny scratches on the exterior. All the features worked perfectly and the longer we used, the better feel we got. In other words, you can be positive that the irons will last as long as you need them and there won’t be any repairs or damages to worry about.

The bottom line here is that Ping G irons are epic when it comes to advanced technologies, superb additions to the world of golf and so much more. They have been making some of the best clubs in human history and they are going to impress golfers from all parts of the globe in the future as well.


  • Manufacturer: PING
  • Model: G irons
  • Club: 4-9
  • Length: 35 inches up to 38 7/8 inches
  • Bounce: 5-13
  • Shaft: PING AWT 2.0 Shaft technology
  • COR-Eye system: Yes
  • Shaft material: Graphite or steel
  • Stainless steel type: Hyper 17-4


  • COR-Eye system- It has a wonderful effect on the game and makes hits more professional and more accurate
  • Perimeter Heightening- The weight is allocated ion the exterior of the irons and makes each hit special
  • Sound and feel- The irons feel nice when the ball is hit and the sound is excellent, similar to on professional clubs
  • Stainless steel- A special version of stainless steel is used to ensure the long lifespan even on heavy-duty usages
  • Versatility- The model comes in several variations so all you have to do is to pick the one you like the most


  • Price- Although it is not the most expensive model, it is a bit above average in the terms of price
  • Decreased MOI- MOI is still below GMax which may be an issue for some golfers

Who will benefit the most from Ping G irons?

In our Ping G irons review, we covered all the major elements and all the features you need to know. These irons are essential for all beginners, intermediate players and those who want to become professionals as soon as possible. The construction, the quality, and the features are all massive and the best in the industry. We believe that all golfers should consider G irons at some point. Regardless of which skill level you have, your game will be significantly improved and you can expect better results almost instantly. There are no major drawbacks here and we can add that the irons are worthy of your consideration. Don’t forget that gofers who want remarkable sound and feel, G irons are a valuable choice. Both, the sound and the feeling you can get are something special.

G irons are not for occasional players who will use them a few times per year. They are professional irons and made for frequent usages. As such, they come at a higher price so we believe that the type of golfers we mentioned in the first section here should consider them first. If you are looking for low-end irons, then you need to consider another model.


The bottom part in our Ping G irons review is the rate which is 5 out of 5 stars and our honest recommendation. The irons are well-made, come with countless features and really have a lot to offer. Future owners will have a great time and can expect significant improvements in their game, something we all need.

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