Mizuno MP-25 Review

Mizuno MP-25 Review

If you are looking for a high performing golf club on your next game, the Mizuno MP-25 golf club is the all-skill-level forgiving golf club you should look for. No matter how many times golf blades have evolved for a better golfing experience, the Mizuno brand maintains its classic look and feel while constantly increases forgiveness and guarantees playability over time. As a matter of fact, the forgiveness of Mizuno MP-25 and the extra strength it gives coming from the micro-slot pocket cavities found in the 3-6 irons of the MP-25 makes it a commendable true distance iron for golf aficionados. We lay it all out for you in our Mizuno MP-25 Review.

Features of Mizuno MP-25

Mizuno MP-25 ReviewThe Mizuno MP-25 never fails to surprise golf lovers with its top features that are worth mentioning. These are:

Forged and Compressed iron

Compared to other golf clubs in the market, the Mizuno MP-25 is 30% stronger. It is made with boron steel and is injected with 1025E steel which increases the strength of the club. MP-25’s head and its base are given extra toughness with its grain forged and compressed, which gives users high accuracy on distance and usage consistency.

Stiff flexibility for ultimate precision

As mentioned earlier, the golf club is injected with 30% 1025E steel which increases its strength but decreases the flexibility.  But there’s nothing to worry about the decrease. The infusion of the 1025E steel also increases the accuracy of predictable distance and consistency in every use. Thus, giving players high winning rates whatever courses golfers will play.

Versatile hand orientations

The Mizuno brand sees to it that any player, whether you are right or left-handed, will still be able to enjoy golfing. In the early months from its release, only left-handed golfers were able to experience the classic grip and high performing features of the Mizuno MP-25 golf club. But today, right-handed golfers can now benefit from the amazing features of the MP25 as the tested club for right-hand users has been released to the market.

Micro-slot pocket for amplified ball speed

The micro-slot pocket may be a small feature for an impressive golf club. But this small feature offers a massive impact on the speed of the ball, giving golfers an amazing play. Not all golf club brands have this important feature, but since it comes from the Mizuno, expect that the brand puts a lot of emphasis on helping players increase the speed of the ball.


To know if you’re getting the right golf club for your golfing needs as you browse among hundreds of Mizuno branded clubs, here are the definite MP25 specifications to check out:

  • Sports Equipment Brand: Mizuno
  • Sports Equipment Type: Golf Club
  • Sports Equipment Model: MP25
  • The material used: Steel infused with 1025 Solid Boron
  • Level of Stiffness: Hard
  • Hand positioning: Left and Right
  • Equipment Dimensions: 49 x 5 x 7 inches, weighs 8 lbs.
  • Color available: Silver only


  • The MP-25 Mizuno brand, unlike any other brand, is infused with 1025 Boron which makes the golf club 30% stronger than the other clubs. Although there’s an increased in hardness, the ball precision is not taken for granted.
  • It has a micro-slot feature which increases the speed of the ball with high precision on distance and usage consistency. This added feature helps players who are having a hard time increasing the speed of their ball.
  • The MP-25 is the most forgiving and the longest iron in the market. It allows you to hit the ball straight and high with an accurate predictable distance.
  • The Mizuno MP-25 is available for both hand orientations. Whether you are left or right-handed golfer, there’s a Mizuno MP25 available for you.


  • With a weight of 8 lbs., some golfers find it heavy to use. The MP-25 might not be small nor huge, but the top line is a bit thick when compared to other player’s iron.
  • Since it has 1025 Boron added, expect that the golf club is not flexible compared to other Mizuno clubs. The addition of the material makes the club harder than usual.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a forgiving and versatile golf club, guarantees accurate hits and amplified speed, the Mizuno MP-25 is the right golf club for you. It is highly recommended to any players of all skill levels and applies to either left or right-handed golfers.


This Mizuno MP-25 review wants to guide golfers who are looking for a versatile golf club. This Mizuno model is one of the most forgiving and longest golf clubs that doesn’t sacrifice ball control and aids players who are looking for ways to increase their ball speed. By using this club, players will be able to see great differences in their performance among other golf clubs in the market. Surely, it will be one of the most sought-after golf club models in the industry.

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