Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Best Golf Clubs For Beginners – Read Our Comprehensive Guide

Do you love playing golf or have a dream of becoming a professional golfer? To be prepared for your golf training session, you need to buy the golf clubs. What should be present in every golfer’s bag? Surely, the best golf clubs for beginners may be different in standard from that of the professionals. The golf clubs are of various types, including the putter, hybrid, driver, wood and iron. It may be tough for the novice players to choose the best golf clubs. That is why we have written this guide for them. Have a look at the review of the reliable golf clubs.

Top 5 Golf Clubs For Beginners

TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

best golf clubs for beginnersM4 Rescue is one of the reliable hybrid golf clubs that can make it easier for you to play the game. TaylorMade has designed the product in different versions, ranging from 3 to 6-hybrid models. You can choose the golf club in any hand orientation- Left and Right.

Design and material

The club head is perfectly shaped, and the two-tone crown does not cause any alignment issue. You can confidently hit the ball with it for any type of shot. The shaft is made of graphite.

Speed pocket

The speed pocket is much longer, and it is effective at increasing the distance and flexibility. At the same time, you can preserve the right speed of your golf ball.

Mass Pads

These two pads have an internally split design. You can find the split to the toe and heel of your club head for increasing ball speed and MOI.


  • Easy to make low-face strike
  • Consistent shot distance with the club
  • Versatile for all shots


  • Non-adjustable hosel

As the golf club has a low-profile design, the beginners may play their first game with it. They can shoot the ball at the highest speed. We think it to be the best women’s golf clubs for beginners.

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

It is one of the specially designed golf clubs, intended for improving the ball direction, launch angle and ball speed.


With bright blue crown and white red flashes, this driver has a reliable design. The manufacturer has used forged composite materials for making it. The overall weight of this golf club is 15.2 ounces. However, you can find high strength in its structure. The bigger head provides you with better control. The unique face design is effective for better accuracy and forgiveness.

Quality hosel

The hosel is adjustable easily. Manage the loft by increasing or decreasing it for optimization of launch angle. Adjust the Neutral bias for managing the shot shape.

Better standard shaft

The premium quality shaft has a lightweight design. The special shaft model helps in increasing the transfer of energy. Thus, your golf ball will have higher speed and higher launch. You will get a consistent feel from it.


  • Stable driver with affordable price
  • Movable weights
  • Better carry distance potential


  • Odd hits can cause louder sound

The beginners will easily be able to deal with this driver for its lightweight and slim design.

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids  

Best golf clubs for beginnersWe have chosen another hybrid golf club for beginners. Designed for male golfers with right hand orientation, these hybrids perform best.

Hybrid club designs

The golfers can have a variety of choices with this package- 3 Hybrid/19, 9 Hybrid/40°, 7 Hybrid/32°, 6 Hybrid/28°, 4 Hybrid/22°, 5 Hybrid/25° and 3 Hybrid/19°.

Shaft material

The Regular Flex shaft of the clubs is made of graphite. You can combine it with the stainless-steel club heads and enjoy the advantages from the hybrid design.

Number of lofts

You can find the EGI hybrids with 8 lofts. Thus, you can think of replacing the irons with them. Check out the technical details of the lofts to use them rightly.

Sweet spot

Sweet spot of the hybrid clubs helps in balancing the weight all over the club head. The clubhead shape enables you in using the clubs in various ways.


  • Best as the high lofted hybrid
  • High quality shaft
  • Best shape of clubhead
  • Headcovers included in the package for protecting the drivers


  • Stiffer feel from regular flex.

For the sweet spots and availability of various lofts, the beginners may invest in this golf club.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

While you are looking for highly adaptable golf clubs, you may choose this product. This wedge has become popular to several golfers. You will also find it with various options for grip and shaft.

Shape and design

The unique shape, made of soft 1025c steel, provides you with the best response and feel. The quality Mack Daddy Forged wedges are high quality clubs, intended for the optimum performance. The shaft is made of steel.


You can find 3 grinds for the shots. You may choose the grinds, based on the shots that you make. The versatile option to you is the S-grind, as it is best for various conditions- firm, soft and normal. R sole grind provides adaptability to the wedges for playing various shots from the grasses. The mid bounce and crescent hole can make it easier to play different greenside shots.

Progressive groove

There is MD3 milled line for optimizing the groove. The wedge face has the best spin, and you can make your spin transition smoother.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy swing
  • Capability of hitting a shot from bunker, pitch and chip
  • Better run shots
  • Overall performance is high


  • Rear side has to be of higher quality

The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set

Best Golf clubs for beginnersWe have chosen this comprehensive set, as it includes not only the clubs but also other golf kits. These clubs are best for increasing the distance of your shots.

Accessories included

This package has 10 golf clubs, including a hybrid, 3-wood driver, sand wedge and putter. The stand bag is also much durable. In addition, the matching headcovers help in protecting drivers.


The hybrid club has lightweight design, made of a graphite shaft. Integrated with cavity back, the irons, present in the set, have sophisticated technology. You can make straighter shots with them.

Mallet putter

This putter helps in the distribution of weight to the heel and toe for preventing the twisting issues and for enlarging the sweetspot.


Made of Titanium composite materials, the 10.5 degree 460cc forged driver has the sweetspot for more forgiveness.


  • Superior level playability
  • Best technology, helping you to make high and long shots
  • Usable stand bag


  • Not right for the professional golf players

Due to the bigger sweet spots and high forgiveness, this golf club set is best for the beginners.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

We have presented you with a guide to purchase the best golf clubs:

Clubheads- Ranging from big to average ones

Golf clubs, having bigger clubheads, are best for the novices. They also have bigger sweetspot, resulting in higher forgiveness. You may choose drivers between 450 and 460 cc. This size of driver’s head will be convenient for you.

The facts that you must know-

  • The professional golfers prefer plain shades and shallow cavity back. Thus, you have to choose the deeper cavity back.
  • Lower clubhead offset is right for pro golfers, while the higher ones are for the beginners.
  • Narrower sole club is better for pros, whereas, the wider ones are effective for beginners.

Choice of steel and graphite shafts

The graphite shafts are common to most of the golf clubs. That is why they have very low weight. The beginners may hit the ball very fast to gain higher distance. However, other options available to you are iron graphite and iron steel.

We have provided you with the detailed information on the golf clubs of various types.

  • Woods

Although we call these golf clubs as woods, you can find them manufactured with steel and titanium. The manufacturers use better technology for it. There are golf clubs, designed for women, men and kids. Thus, you have to assess the measurements while buying them.

Another thing to be noted is that the fairway woods have to be right for the novice golfers. Moreover, you can choose the wider body hybrids to take the golf ball to a higher distance.

  • Drivers

Among other golf clubs, the divers have the highest potential of driving the ball to the furthest distance. Thus, for the beginning round of golf, you may choose these clubs. The best way of identifying the driver in a golf club set is to find one that has largest head and longest shaft.

  • Irons

There can be more than 4 irons in your golf club set. Thus, they cover the major part of your golf bag. However, in some cases, the female golfers think of using the woods in place of irons.

You must check out various other features of golf clubs.

Length of golf club

Your own height is the major factor to choose the club length. While choosing the size, you must also focus on the shaft length. This shaft is a tapered tube, connecting the clubhead to the hands of golfers. The longer shaft keeps up the longer distance between your hands. For men, the length can range from 5’5″ to 6’1″. For women, it may be from 5’3″ to 5’7″.


The higher face loft is best for beginners. Loft indicates the club angle, controlling the trajectory. The best golf club brands always mention the loft details. The professional players prefer the higher lofted golf drivers for the less spin.

Golf clubs for various shots

Approach shot-

You can choose 8 or 9 iron for this shot.

Teeing off and trouble shots-

Hybrid clubs are right for these shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the golf club lengths standardized?

We have not found any industry standard, intended for making the golf clubs. The companies, manufacturing the golf clubs, have made their own standards that seem to be appropriate to them. Although the golf equipment manufacturing industry has not mentioned any standard, you may find very slight variation to the club lengths.

Are the hybrids better choice to the beginners than the longer irons?

Surely, hybrids make the game easier for the novices. However, the yardages, covered by them, have no difference. For most of the high-handicappers and recreational golfers, the hybrid clubs are the right choice. The recreational golfers find it tougher to take the ball to the best height with long irons. That is why the manufacturers have created a hybrid clubhead. Still, there are some golfers, preferring the long irons. You can find our product reviews to find the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers.

Is there a need of replacing the club shaft?

You must replace the shafts while they are kinked, bent and cracked. There are ways to check the condition of shafts. At the time of hitting the ball, you may not feel the strike to be solid. Your shafts would also feel much stiff.

What does the flex denote about the golf club?

To buy the clubs, you can find the Shaft Flex Codes. The letter, L indicates that the club has a highly flexible shaft. It also refers the ladies flex. X ones are the stiffest shaft: M or A indicates senior flex, while R signifies regular flex. When your swing speed is slower, you may choose regular shafted clubs.


What is the average life span of the golf club shaft?

The new clubs can last for 2 to 3 years. You can continue using the old clubs, while the faces are smooth. However, in some cases, the clubs are repairable.


Now, let us conclude by summarizing the review of the best golf clubs for beginners that we have presented to you. We have chosen a variety of golf clubs. You may buy one preferred type of club or golf club sets. You need to check out the size, materials and other details of the clubs. Make sure that you will be able to play the game comfortably. For particular shots, there are specialized clubs. However, we have picked the best golf clubs that are right for beginners. Thus, the professionals have to look for various other sophisticated clubs.

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